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Your Questions About Lavender Oil For Fleas

Daniel asks…

Does lavender oil & water repel fleas?

Looking for a natural way to get rid of fleas from cats

Tara Lewis (Admin) answers:

Oil and water don’t mix very well. Your cat probably won’t like the smell or the oily feeling. There are things that work better you can get from a vet.

Joseph asks…

Lavender for Fleas?

Does lavender work for cat fleas? If so how do you make the solution. I have fresh lavender. Also, I live in Memphis, where could I buy Lavender of Tea Tree oil? Wild Oats? Fresh Market? These are natural stores. Thanks!

Tara Lewis (Admin) answers:

I’ve used Dr. Bronner’s peppermint oil shampoo for fleas on dogs with success.

I also hear diatamacious earth works well for treating the environment.

Charles asks…

we have been fighting fleas using Essential oils do you have any exerience with this?

we are using a recipe of 1 qt water 30 drops eucalyptus 15 drops lemon Valma 15 drops cedar and 15 drops lavender does this seam to work for any one else? I love would any suggestions or recipes you have used , since I have a 4 yr old and a month 6 old I need safe solutions.

Tara Lewis (Admin) answers:

I had to do that with my sons cat. The old guy was allergic to all the flea products we tried on him and the last time I treated him with Frontline, Gavin, the cat almost died.
We decided to go old school and I spent days on the internet.
The first thing I did was bath the cat. You did not say what kind of pet you have but ANY shampoo will kill them, the trick is to leave the lather on for a while. Also you MUST wet the animal and suds him up all around his face or when you get him wet, the fleas will RUN to the face area and just hang around until you are finished. And since you can’t hold Fluffy’s head under water for 5 minutes….
While Gavin was getting a bath, his cat bed and favorite chair was getting vacuumed thoroughly. Ditto the carpet. The vacuum bag has to be taken out of the vacuum and outside to the trash or you risk the little devils sneaking out of there.
We bathed Gavin every week for 3 weeks. That meant less to lay eggs. I also combed him daily with a flea comb to physically remove as many as possible.
I also bought Brewers yeast and added it to his food as one article claimed that enough b12 in the cats system would make the cat not so tasty to the fleas.
I never did try the diamoticus (misspelled, I know) earth thing but read many many articles about this stuff working very well. Apparently it is so fine but sharp and destroys the fleas exoskeleton.
So also the fleas have to be coming in from somewhere and what was also suggested was to have the yard sprayed. We thought about it but there are also small children involved so decided against it.
Some recommended garlic. Yes garlic is suppose to be dangerous to pets so I took that advice with a grain of salt but there are lots of old timers who swear by adding a small amount of garlic to the pets food which works by making the pet not so tasty to the fleas.
I will add a few sites and you can read up and see what you think.

The last link is interesting and odd at the same time.
While I used to agree that poison was the best, I have since changed my tune a bit.
Like antibiotic over use for humans, so is poison for insects, its not always working any more.
Don’t let anyone discourage you from trying old fashioned methods.

Mary asks…

We have a slight flea problem at home because of the cat and I need to boil wash my clothes but… (cont)?

I have a lot of jumpers that I wear for work which are woolen. How can I get rid of the fleas without my clothes going out of shape/shrinking etc?

I have bites all over me and am now trying lavender oil as a repellent which so far seems to be working. Anybody else tried this?

Tara Lewis (Admin) answers:

Use a fabric softener (makes the size of water molecule clumps smaller to squeeze through tightly woven fabrics easier) and soak your wool for a few hours before washing. It should suffocate the fleas.

George asks…

Our cat has fleas… AGAIN!! Help please I keep getting bitten too and it’s driving me crazy!?

We’ve treated him with Spot On, and flea powder, and he has a flea collar (getting another tomorrow).

I can’t see how he can still have them or have them again!

He’s scratching all the time and he must be miserable. We currently don’t have the funds to take him to the vet to get it sorted but I’ve tried lavender oil (on everything! Including me!) and boil washed everything in sight!

It’s costing us a fortune in flea bombs and treatments for him and we don’t know what else to do, plus my boyfriend have just lost his job so we have less money now than usual.

We really don’t have a clue what to do now, we’ve done everything we possibly could.

Anybody had this problem? Any ideas what we can do to get rid of them for good?

If we soaked him in the bath, would this help? (No matter how many scratches we get!)

We’re truly desperate, both for him and for ourselves and anybody else who comes into our home.

Please help!

Tara Lewis (Admin) answers:

Step one bath your cat and wash all bedding and vacuum the floors, even wood ones.
Then get some front line or other vet recommended flea treatment.
Keep vacuuming and use a good flea spray for carpets and furniture.
Once they are gone from the house keep up on the flea treatments with the cat to prevent re-infestation.

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