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Your Questions About Fungal Infection On Scalp

Chris asks…

Fungal Infection on Scalp?

My doctor says that my hair loss is due to a fungal infection on my scalp that is similar to ring worm. How in the world did I get it?

Tara Lewis (Admin) answers:

Hi, I have a similar problem. I get a fungus, maybe ringworm, on the backs of my knees. I have no idea how I get this, seeing as I don’t spend time in locker rooms, don’t have pets, and haven’t come into contact with anybody who has ringworm.

Fungus is everywhere! It floats in the air, and if you live in a humid climate, it’s not unreasonable that you could just get this from your environment. In my case, the backs of my knees are an especially moist place, so it helps the fungus grow. Perhaps your scalp sweats enough to help the fungus grow.

You can get a topical medication OTC at your local pharmacy or from your doctor. The only other thing you can do is to take special care to be extra clean, which may include washing your hair more often than usual to get rid of extra oils.

Hope this helps!

Charles asks…

Can anyone tell me how to treat fungal infection on the scalp.?

I thought I had dandruff but realised that in fact it was rongworms when my hair started breaking off. Conventional and alternative treatments welcome.

Tara Lewis (Admin) answers:

Tinea Capitis.
If the fungal infection is on the head, you need oral medications. Topicals usually cannot fully eradicate the fungal infection due to the fact that some of the fungus hides in the roots of the hair.
Go see a doctor for the prescription med.

Sharon asks…

sebifin cream for fungal infection??

i have got fungus on my scalp in certain parts of my scalp .should i use sebifin cream for treating fungal infections on scalp???

Tara Lewis (Admin) answers:

Try athlete’s foot cream, like Lamisil or something, it kills fungus, you can use it for ringworm, etc.

Paul asks…

I have a scalp infection please help?

In September 2011,I had some hair fall,then i applied a large quantity of olive oil for one and half months.During that time,it was too painful for me as I felt itchiness by applying oil.Result was very good hair fall stopped.But in December 2011, my hair start falling again but this time it is massive and massive hair fall,they are coming in large quantity.Whenever i use any kind of oil I feel more and more itchiness.One week ago,I consult it with my doctor,he said it is kind of fungal infection and prescribed me a medicated shampoo named selsun containing selenium sulphide and a tablet containing fluconazole.Is that really fungal infection? Can I will gain my lost hair back?How much time will it take to come back my lost hair?

Note: Some white dandruff like material also stick on my head,It may be dandruff or oil which i applied earlier which is now dried.

Tara Lewis (Admin) answers:

1 Avoid eating fried, greasy, spicy, alcohol and caffeine and other foods that will stimulate the increase due to the formation of hair oil and the scalp, should quit.
2 Quit eating the food too sweet. Because hair is alkaline, desserts are acidic, it will affect the body’s acid-base balance, accelerate the production of the scalp.
3 Do not pour shampoo directly on the head. No foaming shampoo for the scalp will cause irritation, the formation of the scalp or exacerbate scalp, it should be down again in the hands of blistering paint rub on the hair.
4 Wash your hair with warm water. Hot water will stimulate the scalp oil secretion, so that more hair oil; water temperature is too cold to make the pores, the dirt is not washed hair, apply warm water to about 20 ℃.

Linda asks…

scalp getting balding/hairfalling from only right side? could it be something serious?

if not, how can you regrow hairs in that area.. or atleast stop hairfall.. I also find my scalp itchy for no reason.. i don’t have any skin infection/fungal infection on scalp.. I clean’em regularly with shampoos. mainly with home ingredients
please tell me how can I atleast stop the hairfall.

Tara Lewis (Admin) answers:

You need to see a dermatologist. If all is well then the dr can priscribe some products for your use to grow the hair back. If you wanna try a home remedy after you have seen the dr use mayonaise twice a week along with your regular shampoo. I heard from my friend it works. He has started growing hair again. Not sure if thats the only thing he is doing though. Best wishes in growing your hair.

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