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Yeast Infection And Fever

A Candida overgrowth does mean that the normal internal balance – the PH – of your body has been affected badly and a yeast infection will trigger if there is too much an acidic condition happening. Yeast Infection And FeverOften there are multiple reasons why an attack happens. Diagnosis can sometimes be difficult and, indeed, many doctors seem underinformed and often rely on over the counter treatments that simply attempt to relieve the external symptoms but do nothing to solve the underlying cause. This is why so many people have recurrent Yeast Infections.

We, therefore, need to understand the Yeast Infection Causes if we are to try and identify what lifestle changes are needed. Now these are some of the most common causes.

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* Diet. A diet high in sugar is a leading factor. The yeast is fed by the sugar which can cause it to grow too much. Junk food is also very acid producing. Fruit and Veg are much better at promoting an alkaline environment where yeast won’t thrive so well.
* Antibiotics. Prolonged use kills the good bacteria as well as the bad. This means there aren’t enough good bacteria present to keep the yeast under control.
* A weak Immune system. Can be due to lots of recent stress, not sleeping well or just feeling under par generally. Often this along with one other cause is enough to trigger an attack.
* A warm or damp environment.In hot weather and after exercising it is important to wash and dry well as fungus thrives well in these conditions.
* Clothing. Cotton or breathable fabrics are best, particularly right next to the skin i.e. underwear. They will wick away moisture and stop that yeast loving damp environment.Clothes should be quite loose in order to let air circulate freely.
* Chemicals. Some deodorants and vaginal sprays can cause allergic reactions and unbalance the skin. Anti perspirants also kill the bacteria that cause odours yet some of these bacteria would keep the fungus under control.
* An infected partner. You will keep passing the infection back and forth if you both don’t get treated.
* Condoms. Some have an added lubricant and a spermicide containing an active ingredient called Nonoxynol 9. This can trigger an attack. Also latex can be an allergen.

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