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Best Cure For Yeast Infection Apple Cider Vinegar

using apple cider vinegar to douche yeast infection symptoms — particularly vaginal yeast infection — away, is being used successfully by more and more women. But why are they turning to an apple cider vinegar home remedy rather than mainstream medication? the answer may lie in the fact that these drug-based topical medications address the symptoms of the yeast infection and not the root cause. And the Candida fungus which causes yeast infection can become resistant to the drugs. the outcome is recurring yeast infections for many.

An apple cider vinegar douche is easy to prepare. just add 2 tablespoons of the vinegar to 2 quarts ( 2 litres) of warm water, and stir thoroughly. Gently douche the whole vaginal area using cotton dipped in the water / vinegar mix. Most experts recommend you do this twice a day until the yeast infection symptoms are gone.

Many women recommend that you add a peeled clove of fresh garlic to the water as well. the garlic itself has very good antifungal properties, ideal for fighting the Candida albicans fungus which causes yeast infections. But it also has anti-inflammatory properties, so can take any ‘sting’ out of the apple cider vinegar that might be present.

Alternatively, add 2 cups of apple cider vinegar to a bath of warm water. the level of water should be enough to cover your hips so that the vagina is also completely covered. any more than this and the vinegar / water mix will be too weak. Sit upright in the bath for at least 20 minutes (30 minutes max) and lap the water against your vagina whilst holding the lips apart. again, do this twice daily until the symptoms of your yeast infection disappear.

Now while apple cider vinegar can do a good job for many folks, it will still be very difficult to guarantee an actual cure. A complete cure requires that not just the symptoms, but the root cause and any other factors that can help lead to yeast infections are fully addressed; things like your diet, your lifestyle, etc. Basically, a total natural program, not just a single home remedy.

Frequently asked Questions

  1. QUESTION: how do I cure my yeast infection?? the faster the better but must be effective?I’ve had a vaginal yeast infection for almost 8 months now, my doctor took a test and confirmed it. I have tried just about everything to get rid of it and nothing seems to help! my doctor suggested the Canes-Oral Combi Pack so i tried that and it did not help at all. I heard that putting baking soda in your bath could cure it, but still it didn’t get rid of it. so I went back to my doctor and she said to take one 150mg pill of Diflucan then wait 3 days and take one more, while using a prescription cream called Clotrimaderm Cream 1% the whole time until the bottle was finished. still, that didn’t do the trick, so again I went back to my doctor and she said “i’ll give you something to completely eliminate it” and gave me more Diflucan, I had to take one 150mg pill of that a day for 10 days straight. this didn’t even make a defference. Frustrated I went to the medi-centre seeking a different opinion and the doctor there gave me an internal 7 day cream called Terazol and told me to take one 200mg pill of Apo-Ketoconazole a day for 5 days after my “monthly” along with a strict diet where i was only allowed to drink water, eat fruits and eat vegetables. this diet is pretty much impossibly to follow after a while and I still try to follow it but have sort of strayed. I then did endless research online and found that adding Pure Apple Cider Vinegar to your bath and sitting in it for about 20 minutes a day can get rid of it, this still wasn’t doing the trick so I tried pouring just straight Pure Apple Cider Vinegar over the area hoping it would help but it just burned and was incredibly painful and within not even a whole day I was experiencing extreme discomfort again. I have heard a product called Threelac is the best but you have to order it online and wait for the delivery. It’s starting to seem like nothing will get rid of this problem, what do I do??and yes I am taking Alesse Birth Control tho I wasn’t when I got the infection. also I have a boyfriend but I am not sexually active due to the infection.

    • ANSWER: it could be some thing more then a yeast infection going on if nothing is helping to treat it. you may want to have your doctor run a full std test to be on the safe side. it might be thrush or a bacterial infection. if it does happen to be an std then your partner should be tested and treated too.Birth control doesn’t typically cause yeast infections.

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