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Possible causes of blurry or failing vision (2)

WHAT is the eye? the answer still appears shrouded in mystery. We all know it enables us to see. But that may not be its only function. German researcher Gisella Reiners suggested in the 1980s it could be, also, a conduit for the environment to pass energy into the body. This thought influenced the upbringing of my children in respect of how near to the television screen they sat if they must watch television, and of how long they watched. Gisella said the flickering of light when the cameras switch from one scene to another excites eye structures to absorb more energy from the light glare than they otherwise would do in a different setting, and that the energy so inducted is passed to the hypothalamus, an organ somewhere in the middle of the brain, which distributes it to nerves through the spinal fluid. Gisella Reiner’s hypothesis suggests that children who watch television for too long, or routinely, or sit too close to the screen risk the dangers of too much energy flowing through their eyes into their bodies. We consume energy with food, water and air intake, and from sunlight through the skin. in respect of this, the Arabs seem to know better. they wear thick clothes and wrap their heads with heavy clothing in scorching desert sun! Gisella Reiners said too much energy caused rapid growth in young people, of which their parents were often proud, unknown to them that these children were damaging their nerves and organs, and hurrying through life’s processes towards their graves. the example that day-old chicks raised in overhearted cages and not under the feathered wings of their mothers are sickly and live shorter lives than those naturally brought up lends some credence to this assumption. so does the notion of strength of materials in engineering regarding capacity of an electrical cable, for example, to bear the load of energy passing through it. If it cannot, the cable melts, the appliance is damaged. Similarly epilepsy occurs when the nerves cannot bear the load of electrical outburst in the brain.

There are more ways than Gisela Reiner’s to see the eye not just as an organ of vision. a growing understanding in Natural Medicine is that the eye opens not only into the liver, or into the kidney, but into all parts of the body. This definition cannot be ignored from the view that all cells and organs originate form a single fertilised cell, the zygote, which differentiated into about 100 trillion cells in the average adult, each cell interconnected to the others, affecting them and being affected by them. the success of Reflex Zone Therapy of the Palm and Foot and Accupunture testifies to this. so does Iridology, the idea that 

• every part of the body is represented in the eye,

• Biochemical changes in any part of the eye suggests ongoing or imminent disease pattern in any part of the body connected to that part of the eye,

• Biochemical changes in any part of the body will ultimately negatively affect that part of the eye it is connected to. 

If it would help make the picture I am trying to paint clearer, let me give an example. Mrs. Folake Ogunje, my niece, is a natural health enthusiast. She telephones me one day to ask what could be wrong with a woman about 50 whose ankles always swelled painfully. there could be a thousand and one causes for this. But the one which I intuitively sensed was trouble in the womb! 

What connection is there between the ankle and the womb? you wonder. Well, there is a route from the ankle which navigates past the ball of the foot on the way up the lower limb to which the reproductive organs respond. the balls themselves represent the ovaries or the testes. That’s why women who have menstrual difficulties or impending ailments in this area scream when this area is massaged, as if nails or knives are driven into it. I asked Mrs. Ogunje if the woman had just had surgery to remove uterine fibroids. She didn’t know, and promised to check with her. a few minutes later, Mrs. Ogunje reported that she had had her womb removed. Apparently, the surgery may not have healed, or she may be troubled by “ghost pains” in the site of the evacuated womb area.

Ghost pains? yes, ghost pains! Orthodox medicine gave this kind of pain this name because it didn’t understand what was happening. there are people whose lower legs were amputated from the knee. To their surprise, many years after, they still felt pains in the toes and foot as if they were still there. they told their doctors. And their doctors referred them to psychiatrists, as a woman told me last week three Nigerian doctors had done in her case. I checked her tongue. like that of another man who was to have undergone prostate surgery about two months ago, her tongue was heavily coated. That’s candida, in her case, more likely systemic candida, because it had crossed to the blood from the intestines, where, together with other parasites, it causes abdominal bloating, gassing and pain. If present in the blood, organ distress is as feasible as nerve irritation which, as in staphylococcus aureus affliction, may present those crawly sensations all over the body. This woman experienced relief in three days while on AMAZON A-F, a combination of eight herbs with clinically proven anti-fungal properties. Using Amazon A-F to lower the fungi load in a breast cancer case compounded by pain and insomnia enabled the woman and her husband resume their normal sleep routine. last week, she came to Lagos from Owerri and found me out… just to express her gratitude. these cases and many others, which have responded well to Amazon A-F, encouraged me to believe that doctors would do a lot more to help their patients if it were possible, on mass scale, to offer affordable live blood, dark field microscopy diagnosis. in this diagnosis, one can actually see the candida population vis-à-vis those of white and red blood cells et.c. It may very well happen that there are more candida cells than are red blood cells. such a person would be anaemic, no doubt. But giving iron pills or transfusing blood may bring no permanent solution. Killing the candida probably would. As candida feeds on sugar, and as many people have elevated blood sugar without realising it, can blurry vision not be traced to fungal activity, especially as diabetics suffer from vision damage? these are questions which require further investigation.

AS I said last week, blurry vision may have a thousand and one causes occurring independently or in combinations. Addressing them all is beyond the scope of a column such as this. even in the use of natural or nutritional supplements which help visual acuity, it is important first to obtain expert advice from an ophthalmologist. An ophthalmologist, Prof. Bukunola Adefule-Oshipelu, of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) helped to save my vision about 1999. I come from a family disposed to glaucoma. at 45, I saw the rainbow one evening while giving a parlour talk in a room lit by candles. As I drove back home, car lights formed rainbows on my car windshield. my vision faded into a white mist after about 15 meters. And I couldn’t drive at night as car headlights formed into a white wall. Shortly before this experience, my health appeared normal, save for inflammation and pain in the right shoulder, especially which made the right arm so weak that I couldn’t use it to wind down the passenger car window glass. a doctor diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis and an orthopaedic doctor gave me steroid drugs. He changed the prescription to corticosteroid drugs after one month, when the milder steroids did not appear to help me. I was not told the implications of these drugs, and, like many other patients, I did not ask. Prof. Adefule-Oshitelu asked me which drugs I took recently. When I narrated my experience, she caught it. I was later to discover myself that corticosteroids, which many people consume as if they are as safe as Vitamin C tablets, can actually induce glaucoma and blindness. Happily, she didn’t think I was a surgery candidate. I wouldn’t have agreed, anyway, given what I went through while trying to clear a blocked nostril. I elected nutritional medicine, and believe I took the right decision. that decision has led me through a forest of vision-enhancing food supplements. I learned to budget for them every month. lately, I have found that Moringa Oloifera tea sharpens my vision and clips that heaviness in the eyeball. That’s limited now, though, to only the right eye ball which I banged on the edge of a wall in a dark room about one year ago. I suspect it is because Moringa is a green herb with lots of chlorophyll. my sister, who is two years younger than I am, reported seeing images on television she couldn’t clearly see hitherto when she took Spectragreen, a chlorophyll-rich powder blend of 42 green herbs. Come along with me on a journey through parts of this huge forest.


Aspartame is silently making many people go blind. When table sugar became a curse word, the sweetening industry gave the sweet tooth aspartame. Check the label of any product, including some nutritional supplements, and you’ll find it listed. It came into the market in the early 1980s, is about 180 times as sweet as sugar without any calorie, but it produces two dangerous chemicals in the intestinal tract, phenylalanine and methyl achohol/formaldehyde or wood achohol, which Dr. Hulda Clark says feeds parasites which cause all kindsof cancer.

Debunking claims that methyl alchohol is rendered safe by the liver, Dr. F. Batmanghelidj says in one of his books, OBESITY, CANCER, DEPRESSION: 

“Formaldehyde and methyl alchohol have been cited in medical publications as producing eye-nerve damage to the point of blindness. the recent rise in macular degeneration and retinopathy even in the comparatively younger sector of our population is being blamed on the excessive use of artificial sweeteners. Other secondary complications of the use of the sweetener aspartame are tumour formation in the brain and secondary neurological disorders. Dr. H. J. Roberts of West Palm Beach, Florida, has done much research on the adverse effects of aspartame. He has identified a number of ‘aspartame disease’s’ in his June 2002 article published in Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Dr Roberts listed a number of problems that have been produced by aspartame. He has a collection of 1,200 patients who developed neurological complication through the use of aspartame: 43 per cent had headaches; 31 per cent had dizziness and unsteadiness; 31 per cent had confusion and memory loss; 13 per cent had drowsiness and sleepiness; 11 per cent had major epileptic convulsions; 3 per cent had minor epileptic attacks and ‘absence of the mind’; 10 per cent had severe slurring of speech; 8 per cent had severe tremours; 6 per cent had a typical facial pains. He reports that, after cutting off aspartame, these people improved. As you might know, methyl alchohol and formaldehyde damage to the brain cells and the optic nerve is, unfortunately, irreversible”.

I crave your pardon to veer a little from the eye to the breast. Many women are coming down with breast cancer. my maternal grandmother aged 76 died of it in 1980 so soon after shifting from the natural food seasoning ogiri ijebu (made from locust bean) to a popular monosodium glutamate (MSG). We have now been told MSG excites the brain and nerves to the point of damaging them. Dr. Batmanghelidj says in this book that aspastame does so too, in fact, raising prolactin level. Many women have elevated prolactin level. last week, I saw a man due for surgery this month for swollen breasts. He has elevated prolactin and estrogen levels. Dr. Batmanghelidj says aspartame excites the reproductions organs, the breast in particular, and adds:

“a constant stimulation of the breast glands without the other factors associated with pregnancy may be implicated in the rise in the case of breast cancer. I have no doubt that the aspartame – induced excess prolactin production plays a major role in the increased frequency of breast cancer in women.”

Were Dr. Batmanghelidj alive, I would have asked him: “Doc, can we say the same of women who give their breasts to men to suck for sexual pleasure?” Nature gave the breast, in my opinion, to babies, not adult men. I haven’t seen animal males suck breast. so prevalent, like masturbation, has this practice become that a musician preyed on it, asking: WHO OWNS THE BREAST; THE CHILD OR THE HUSBAND?

Vitamin C

Known long ago to stop bleeding gums and reduce the severity of cold, it is now used extensively in HIV and cancer therapy, but in much larger doses than most people consume. Dr. Shari Lieberman, “featured columnist in Health & Nutrition ‘Ask Dr. Shari’, and author of THE REAL MINERAL & VITAMIN BOOK says in the book: 

“Unlike most other animals on this planet, we are incapable of producing Vitamin C in our bodies. Neither can we store it for very long. therefore, we must depend upon our food to supply us with what we need every day. Many researchers argue that optimum intake of Vitamin C is the amount that would be synthesized by humans if we had the enzyme necessary to snake Vitamin C Animals that produce their own Vitamin C… synthesize the equivalent of 3,000 to 19,000 miligrammes per day when calculated for a human weighing 154 kilogrammes. in humans, maximum body pools _________ the highest level of a substance that the tissues can absorb until they are saturated ________ have been estimated at 1,500 miligrammes per day but have been reevaluated by others at 5,000 miligrammes of Vitamin C for a 154 – pound person”.

In 1976, Dr. Edwin Cameron and Dr. Linus Pauling, two-times Noble Prize Winner for his research on Vitamin C who died at the age of 103, researched 100 terminally ill cancer patients, and concluded that those who took Vitamin C supplements lived between 42 and 20 times longer than those who did not. a follow-up study in 1990 by Dr. Abram Hoffer and Dr. Linus Pauling researched affects of Vitamin C in high dosages (12 grammes or 12,000 miligrames on patients whose cancer was progressing despite conventional therapy. 

This therapy included “surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation” in addition to “large doses of other nutrients, including 1.5 to 3 grams of niacm, 250 miligrammes of Vitamin B6, other B Vitamins, 800 international units of Vitamin E, 30 international units of beta carotene and 300 to 500 miligrammes of selenium”. the cancers included those of the breast, ovaries, uterus and cervix. Thirty-one patients who received nothing formed the control group. Says Dr. Liebermann: 

“of those patients who did receive the supplements, 80 per cent were considered to be good responders, with a mean survival time of 122 months for patients with cancer of the breast, ovary, uterus and cervix; and 72 months for patients with other forms of cancer. even the 20 per cent ‘poor responders’ lived twice as long, on average as did the unsupplemented cancer patients”.For the eyes, Dr. Pauling found that the repair of wear  and tea and drainage in glaucoma is well facilitated if Vitamin C suffused the eye tissue. a high dosage aids collagen formation and health. Collagen collapse is a major cause of blocked drainage and glaucoma. 

Vitamin C prevents blood vessel leakages in the eye which deprive the eye of adequate blood flow and encourages tiny compensatory capillaries growing across the white of the eye, reddening it and blurring vision. at about 0.5mg of body kilogramme weight, Vitamin C lowers eye pressure considerably. 

I take a minimum of 3,000mg of buffered or Alkaline Vitamin C every day. Vitamin C, as ascorbic acid, is acid and may irritate the stomach in large doses. But when it is buffered with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and manganese, it is alkaline, well tolerated and gentlier. the better it is when it is combined with bioflavonoids which also have a salutary health effects in the eyes.      

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