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Q. I have. Been breast-feeding my. Baby for. seven months and have. Suffered through recurring infections with Candida albicans. The antifungal pill fluconazole worked. I needed a. Very high dose. That worries me. I’m interested in. a. More natural approach for. this. Yeast infection. what. are. your. Thoughts on gentian violet?

A. Gentian violet is an. Old-fashioned topical treatment for. Fungal infections like thrush (Candida). one. Reader offered this. Advice: “Lactation consultants often recommend gentian violet for. Mothers who. have. Yeast infections on their. Nipples. we. have. The mother put. a. Little olive oil on the baby’s lips and cheeks, paint her nipples with gentian violet and nurse the baby. The mother will have. Two purple nipples. The baby will have. a. Purple mouth.”

Another reader wrote: “I have. Worked in. Women’s health for. 40 years. back. in. The early 1970s, the older doctors often painted women’s vaginas with gentian violet to. Treat persistent yeast infections. They always. told. The women to. Warn their. Husbands about. The possibility of. Purple penises.”

Q. I was. given. a. Prescription for. Lisinopril last. Year to. Lower my. Blood pressure. During the winter, I developed a. Constant, horrible dry cough that just. Wouldn’t go. Away.

One day at. Work, I started coughing and couldn’t stop. it. was. so. Bad that the secretary called 911.

Various doctors tested me for. Sleep apnea (negative), throat polyps (negative), allergies (none) and lung function (normal). I couldn’t quit coughing.

On my. own. I dropped the lisinopril. within. a. Week my. Cough vanished. I am. Upset that I was. put. Through so. many. Expensive tests when. The real problem was. a. Common drug side effect.

A. Hundreds of. Readers have. Reported a. Similar experience with ACE-inhibitor blood pressure drugs like benazepril, captopril, enalapril, lisinopril, quinapril and ramipril. Some have. Lost bowel and bladder control from coughing so. Hard.

Because blood pressure control is essential to. Prevent heart attacks and strokes, we. are. Sending you. our. Guide to. Blood Pressure Treatment, which summarizes the pros and cons of. Medications and nondrug approaches. Anyone who. would. Like a. Copy, please. Send $3 in. Check or money order with a. Long (No. 10), stamped (65 cents), self-addressed envelope to:

Graedons’. People’s Pharmacy

No. B-67, P.O. Box 52027

Durham, N.C. 27717-2027

It also. Can be downloaded for. $2 from our. Website: peoplespharmacy.com.

It's disappointing that you. Saw so. many. Doctors who. Failed to. Correctly identify your. Cough as. a. Common drug side effect. it. Should be possible to. Control high blood pressure without intolerable reactions.

Q. I was. Addicted to. Eating cornstarch for. 10 years. Then I was. Hospitalized for. an. Unrelated problem and got a. Blood transfusion.

My doctor also. put. Me on iron and potassium supplements. my. Cornstarch cravings completely disappeared. Other people who. Crave cornstarch really should be tested for. Anaemia so. They don’t have. to. Be addicted like I was.

A. we. have. Heard from hundreds of. People who. Crave cornstarch or non-nutritive substances like ice and clay at. our. Website (peoplespharmacy.com). this. Is called pica. it. Often is associated with a. Deficiency of. Iron, zinc or other minerals. People with celiac disease, which interferes with proper absorption of. Nutrients, may be at. Higher risk (American Journal of. Clinical Nutrition, February 1990).


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