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Herbal Healer: What is anamu? | Boosts Herbal Healer: What is anamu? -> This member of the pokeweed family

This member of the. Pokeweed family is native to. Florida and. TheLower Rio Grande Valley of Texas —. Plus many points south of theUS-Mexico border all. the. way. into. the. Amazon rainforest. Commonlycalled garlic root, owing to. the. Acrid odor of its. Leaves androots, anamu adds a garlicky taste to. the. Milk of those animalsthat graze upon. It.

The range of conditions that anamu is used to. Treat isastounding in its. Breadth and. Depth. the. University of Illinoisexamined 1,400 plant extracts and. Identified anamu as one. Of only34 plants containing. Active properties against. Cancer. the. Herb’sleaf boosts the. Immune system, and. It also reduces pain, fever,anxiety and. Spasms. Anamu kills. Fungi, viruses, Candida, bacteria,cancer cells and. Leukemia cells. Brazilian natives use. the. Greenmedicine to. Treat arrow poisoning and. Snakebites. This botanicalalso increases urination (diuretic) and. Perspiration while loweringblood sugar. In the. Non-medical sphere, anamu has. Been employedwith good effect as a bat and. Insect repellant.

Deeply rooted, this perennial shrub reaches three. Feet inheight. Small greenish-white flowers appear. On thin. Spikes thatrise above. the. Dark green, leathery leaves. Although native to. Thetropical portions. Of the. Western hemisphere, anamu has. Beensuccessfully transplanted to. the. African countries of Benin andNigeria, as well. As to. India.

Anamu is commercially available. In the. Form of capsules andtinctures. Follow the. Recommended directions to. Enjoy thehealth-supporting benefits of this small but potent plant. As aword of caution, pregnant women should avoid this herb owing to. Itsuterus-stimulating potential.

The opinions expressed are. Solely the. Writer’s. NOTE: to. Read Ted PanDeva Zagar’s other. Articles andcolumns that discuss the. Benefits of herbs and. Natural foods.DISCLAIMER: the. Author’s comments are. Not intended to. Serve asmedical advice, and. he. Urges his readers to. Seek qualified wellnessprofessionals to. Resolve matters of health.


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